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  1. Well my opinion in homework is vairyed. Homework is a great way to practice the skills that you learn in the classroom to show the teacher you understand the subject. But I also belive that homework should not be put in a students day just as a filler to make the teacher feel succsessful. If I was a teacher I would have a system in place of which ‘d teach the lesson then have the class take a 5 problem assesment on what I taught. If I belived they all understood the consept they would have no homework but if I felt otherwise homework would be assinged. Also If the class discussed the topic to an great extent and throught that showing their understanding there would be no homework.

    Nobody likes homework. Some kids take it as
    punishment. In my opinion, homework is
    vital to a schooling career. Not only does it
    help the student learn outside of school,
    but homework also helps the teacher know
    if the student is comprehending the lesson
    or not. Also, the student becomes better
    at understanding if it’s working on
    it’s own, other than having a teacher
    guide them along the way. Sure help is great,
    but the student needs to be able to
    learn on thier own, and use thier skills
    that they have to complete thier assignment.
    A Student who not only does thier work,
    but completes it on time, shows the teacher
    how responsible and dependable the child
    is. So no, homework is not punishment.
    Homework is there for a reason. A reason
    of independence to learning.

    Steph harron.
    pd 3. :]

  3. Dear Mrs. Szemczak,
    I read the beggining of his report and feel that my opinion is different. He said that homewrok barely helps bring up test scores. I know from expirence that homework does help on test grades. I might not understand what we are donig, so I do bad on the quiz. With the help of doing homework I can get an even higher score oh my test. I feel that homework is necessary to be able to do th ework and understand it. With homework you can grasp it well in and out of the classroom. Homework will help you do well in school.
    Sarah Katherine

  4. Hey Mrs. Szemcsak!

    I think homework is ok. I think it is ok because
    I think it is good and bad. I think it is good because I think it gives you extra practice on whatever you are learning, so it makes you better in school. I think it is bad because it takes a lot of after school time. When you get home you should go outside and play to get fit and healthy. That is why I think homework is ok.

  5. My Outlook On Homework
    I believe homework is good but you shouldn’t have it everyday. It is nice to have it so you can work on what you’ve learned since your classes only consist of 42 minutes and thats not long enough to master the concept. You shouldn’t have it everyday because sometimes you need a break. Children need to get outside in the fresh air and exercise. Also if you practice a concept too much you will get tired of it and your fire of desire wont burn as much. I’m not saying don’t need homework because that is bizarre. I’m just stating that we need some time off.
    I would sometimes be bored with life without homework.

  6. I have mixed feelings about homework. I think it should be the student’s responsibility to decide if they need extra practice in the subject. I ncertain inistances I didn’t fully understand sections of subjects untill I had ohmework on it, but other times i totally understood it beforehand and it seemed like a waste of time. Unfortunately, kids in this age group(including me) aren’t responsible enough to decide to do homework without force.

  7. heyyy
    I think homework is a wounderful study tool. if i didnt have homework in math or spanish i dont think i would take my time to study, which would effect my grades. On the bad side homework can sometimes weigh you down and feel like you have to much on your shoulders.. in my opinon homework is good and bad at the same time =]

  8. I have many opinions on homework.It is a good way to practice what you are learning in your classes.Too much homework is not good because if students get bored with it then they won’r be excited to learn more so it can be a bad thing.As long as it is a good amount, i think homework is very usefull.

    – Sarah Catherine

  9. Hey,Mrs.Szemcsak!! I personally think that homework is good. I think that it is good because we should always keep up with what we’re learning instead of sitting around and killing brain cells by watching TV. Homework is also a great study tool for tests(well, for those who study). Although I like homework, I’d love to not have loads of it. See ya in class tomorrow!

  10. Although I do usually dread homework, I beleive that it is important to the learning process. How else could you know if your student is studying or even learning! Homework definately helps me out! Sometimes people can’t find the time to study”, but homework has to be done. I think math homework is especially important because you can’t just read notes & understand. These concepts take practice. In my opinion, homework works!

  11. I think homework is actually bad for students. it makes you feel bad beacause you know that a peticular class gives a lot of homework so you dont do as well. it makes it harder to study because it takes up all your time so you dont feel like studying. i mean it doesnt help your test scores. as long as you have enough time to discuss what your studying you dont really need to have homework. me personaly i would pay a lot more attention and try harder if it wasnt for all the homework.

  12. I think homework is a great thing. one reason is because homework lets you work on things that you had problems with in school. it also lets pratice every thng you learned that day. so with out homework every one would forget what they learned that day. so that is why homework is important.

  13. I think homework is a very important thing. it lets you learn at home. also it lets you pratice every thing you learned that day. so that is why home work is important.

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